Who stole autumn?


I don’t know about you, but I’m absolutely fed up with rain. It seems to have rained incessantly for three weeks. I walk my dogs twice a day and they barely dry off in between walks.

All this rain has literally put a dampener on autumn. There is no kicking crispy leaves this year. It’s more likely you’ll slip and slide landing in a muddy puddle. I am missing autumn. I love the smells it usually brings. The changing season has a distinct smell, the combination of earthy decaying leaves, cold air and wood smoke. I enjoy bringing home beautiful leaves I’ve  found. Collecting pockets full of cobnuts and admiring the deep colour and shine of fallen conkers. This year everything is rather soggy and has lost its shine.


I recently read about Autumn Anxiety. It was a therapist from Wales, Ginny Scully,  who first coined the phrase Autumn Anxiety after noticing that many of her clients displayed feelings of nervousness and became more anxious as autumn approached. Her research suggests that because the transition from the end of summer into autumn brings with it many changes in our routines, the more sensitive amongst us display symptoms of anxiety.


Having inadvertently done some research of my own, by way of talking to friends and family about just how awful the weather has been,  I think many of us are displaying symptoms of weather attributed, autumn anxiety. It appears that trouble sleeping, muscle tension and general feelings of mild anxiety are prevalent in many of us. I am sure if we were having a crisp sunny autumn we would all feel so much better. We could be soaking up the sun’s rays whilst getting our recommenced exercise, thus boosting our endorphins and topping up the vitamin D. We would be bouncing along with a spring in our step. Well, an autumn anyway.


But for now at least, all I can suggest is that we should take advantage of any breaks in the cloud, abandon whatever we’re doing and head outside to benefit from natural light and maybe, if we’re really lucky, sunshine. Munch our way through handfuls of walnuts and add more oily fish to our diets, which will boost our intake of omega-3s, known to reduce anxiety, and to help improve both sleep quality and quantity.  

I wish you a good week, whatever the weather.



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