So, what's it all about? Part 3. Sharing your story!

In previous posts, I talked about the clothing itself and the power of the message for you, the brave one. Now I’d like to say a little bit about how you wearing this message is not just powerful for you but for others too. From time to time you will be asked, ‘why are you Braver than you knew?’ and I hope that you feel able to tell your story, as this will be hugely beneficial to you both. For you, this will help to make your recovery feel real, talking about it in the past tense can be a very cathartic and therapeutic experience; a release. Sharing your story will enable you to realise that you came through a very dark period and now have a voice worthy of being heard, by turning that difficult experience into something positive and beneficial to others. See telling your story as a service to others who may be struggling themselves, or know someone who is. Just by you standing there today, is great encouragement and proves that obstacles can be overcome. By sharing your story you are being open and honest and in return, the listener will feel brave enough to ask questions they might not have had the chance to ask before. You can offer them an insight that can never be gained from books or leaflets, you are the living proof of how it really was, or is. On a practical level you can offer them coping mechanisms, and tips that helped you. Give them guidance on when to ask for and accept help, and how to make sure that, should they find themselves in a similar situation to yours, they are better equipped to deal with it. You may swap contact details and invite that person to speak to you should they feel the need. They know you understand what it’s like, and that is invaluable to someone entering the unknown. So, regardless of whether your story is about overcoming your fear of flying, how you battled an eating disorder, cope daily with anxiety or surviving a life-threatening illness, please talk about it for everyone’s sake.

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