So, what's it all about? Part 1.

Well, where do I start? I guess first and foremost this is a range of feel-good clothing we have designed for people who, as it turned out, were Braver than I knew. How they became aware of that will vary hugely from person to person, but everyone deserves to be able to recognise how brave they were and continue to be on a daily basis. So, the clothing we have chosen has been carefully selected to feel lovely against your skin and to be comfortable to wear. Each piece has won its place here on many merits, but at the fore-front is the way we hope it will make you feel. For instance, the Pick me up top is one of my favourites, because it has the ability to make you feel better just by putting it on. The carefully crafted blend of organic cotton and Tencel (also a natural fibre) is soft and comforting, the styling feminine and pretty. Add to that the empowering statement and I believe you’ve got a top worth getting out of bed for.

On your less than sparkling days, we hope the clothes will give you that little hug you need and on days when you feel like a warrior we hope the statement will march forward with you to conquer the world.

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