Sharing our Stories - Brian & Sue’s story, Life after a Stroke.


Please tell us your name


Brian Tinkler


Please can you tell us what your condition or difficulty is?

I have had a Stroke .



How long is it since this happened?


9 years



Can you tell us what treatment you have had?


Physiotherapy and occupational health



How has your life changed since diagnosis?


Drastically,  for the first  7 years, I was not able to work, could not walk, needed a mobility scooter to get out and about. My left side was affected and every day tasks were more or less impossible.



Have you found any alternative therapies that help?


No, but having moved from England to Spain to be in a  warmer climate 4 years ago,  I have improved considerably, this has meant I can now walk unaided and attend keep fit classes.




What would you like people to most understand about your condition?


A stroke is not just physical it also affects your mental capacity. It is difficult to communicate as it takes longer to process information.  People do not always have patience when they cannot see the mental effort it takes, as they only see the physical side. I would like to see more education on this aspect of stroke recovery.



How can someone best help you?


By being patient and listening, empathy.




Has your condition had an impact on your mental health?


No not really.

Are there any positives to having your condition?


No, I don’t think so.





What is your favourite way to distract yourself?


Using the computer for hobbies, walking and exercise.



And finally, how does being part of the Braver community make you feel?


Being part of the Braver community made me realise that I am brave for pushing through my disability which I had not realised before, the community means we are all brave together.






 The carers story.

What is your name and your relationship to the person you care for?


I’m Sue and I care for my husband Brian.



What is the condition/disability Brian has?


He has had a Stroke.




When did this happen?


January 2011, completely unexpectedly.




How has your life changed?


In the beginning the change was considerably. Suddenly I was having to be responsible for the day to day care of someone else. Not as much now as he has improved so much.




What do you wish people most understood about your situation?


What you see is not really what’s going on behind the scene, everything had changed, every part of our life was impacted.




Has there been any impact on your mental health?


No, I don't think so, although the stress had a physical effect.




Do you have a support network around you?


Yes, we are close to family.




Are there any positives to what happened?


It has definitely brought us closer together



Finally, how does wearing Braver than I knew, make you feel?



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