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  Please tell us your name


Please can you tell us what your condition is?

Follicular lymphoma

How long have you had this condition?

17 months first 12 months had symptoms in right leg had biopsy done and nothing showed up then symptoms showed up in left leg had another biopsy and 2 weeks later told I had cancer. Pet scan confirmed I had stage 2 as it was my stomach and both groins.


Can you tell us what treatment you have had?

I have had 6 sessions of chemotherapy had a ct scan done on Monday waiting for results to see if I need a further 2 sessions, fingers crossed I don’t. Then after Christmas I’m having radiotherapy.


How has your life changed since diagnosis?

I’ve lost my confidence also had to take time of sick from work.i feel I’ve let my children down because I haven’t got the energy to do much. I feel like I’m letting my partner down because we are a team and he’s the only one working at the moment. My mental health is shocking. I’ve been referred to a see a counsellor which has helped but struggling at the moment with waiting on results.


Have you found any alternative therapies that help?

I haven’t, I was worried and just wanted to do whatever was needed to get rid of it.


What would you like people to most understand about your condition?

Everything becomes a blur and you feel like you are on your own.I had never even heard of lymphoma but since this I cant believe how many types of lymphoma there is. Basically my body is fighting itself


How can someone best help you?

Just by being there having a natter with a cuppa. It feels awkward on what to say when you know someone has cancer it’s easy to walk the other way but we are still the same person all it takes is a smile sometimes.


Has your condition had an impact on your mental health?

Yes very much so. I think that’s the part I’ve struggled with the most alongside being exhausted.


Are there any positives to having your condition?


What is your favourite way to distract yourself?

I go for walks with my family, I cant read or anything at the moment as I have zero concentration.


And finally, how does being part of the Braver community make you feel?

I’m really happy to be part of the braver community. Everyone is fighting something that sometimes they don’t like to share and here everyone is fighting different things but it’s nice to know we are all fighting together.

News just received from Aimi. We are all so delighted for her.

Hi katrina,
Just thought I would let you know I had my scan results back today and they are amazing results all the areas have shrunk back to normal, I am over the moon.

Best wishes
Aimi. X











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