Sharing our stories. A young man called Sam.

Sharing our stories.


Please tell us your name




Please can you tell us what your condition is?

Anxiety and Depression




How long have you had this condition?

Since I was about 10 years old, diagnosed at 18




Can you tell us what treatment you have had?

I take anti depressants every day and use CBD oil as a preventative measure (before social events or going outside)



How has your life changed since diagnosis?

It’s been a strange journey of exploring the various methods of coping with and easing my anxiety and depression. My life has become focused on battling with my mental health and I don’t go an hour without thinking about it.




Have you found any alternative therapies that help?

CBD is great if that counts. Other than that, I’m still searching.




What would you like people to most understand about your condition?

That simplistic solutions like “stop worrying about it”, “tell yourself it’ll be okay” and “just get on with it” are about as useful as a mug with a hole in the bottom. Understanding anxiety is difficult if you’ve never experienced it and sometimes there isn’t really a solution. Often all someone with anxiety or depression needs is a calm environment where they can do something they enjoy and always have the option to talk to someone.



How can someone best help you?

Be there. Don’t force talking to me and don’t just try to solve every little problem because as soon as one tiny thing is solved, my brain will find another to stress me out even more. Just be available when you can and listen when I need you to.

Has your condition had any other effects on your health?

My smiles are so infrequent I can remember almost every time I’ve ever had one. I am sad everyday due to my condition and find it very hard to be happy.




Are there any positives to having your condition?

My anxiety makes me very cautious and I don’t trust people easily, which can be a positive. It also means that the friends I do have are often great friends.



What is your favourite way to distract yourself?

Music, podcasts, films or watching my favourite sport.




And finally, how does being part of the Braver community make you feel?

Like I am not alone.






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