Life lessons


It might seem like a strange thing to say, but in many ways, I’m grateful to cancer. Don’t get me wrong, it is a hideous disease that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. But, it brought with it many blessings and lessons.


I learnt immediately how much I love my family and how I desperately wanted to be around for them. Obviously I was loving them before-hand, but it just confirmed for me that really they are all that matter.


I learnt an inner strength I could not have experienced otherwise. A resilience that I’d never needed to find before, and I  take comfort in knowing I have that within me.


On a more practical level, I certainly don’t sweat- the-small-stuff, now. I distinctly remember when I realised that I had lost the diamond out of my engagement ring. It was a beautiful diamond, and I was understandably sad. But I couldn’t help thinking, ‘it’s just a diamond, nobody has died’. A perspective I can’t honestly say I would have had before. No, we never found it.


I said yes to more things. My son Lewie going to Kenya on his own, for instance. Had that not happened I would not know the joy of having Vision Star school in my life. Or feel the sense of purpose that has given me.


And I would not have created Braver than I knew. I would not be talking to amazing people who have overcome all sorts of adversities and who inspire me every day.


So, I am grateful for the path that cancer has led me down, and the insights it has given me.

Please leave a comment and let me know how life events have changed you.


Have a lovely week

Katrina x

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